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Obama orders review of Hasan's past, as two Wisconsin soldiers are honored

Hundreds of people are expected to attend a visitation in Kiel today for Army Sergeant Amy Krueger, one of the 13 soldiers killed at Fort Hood.

The visitation and Saturday's funeral will both be held at Kiel High School, where the 29-year-old Krueger graduated in 1998.

Krueger and Capt. Russell Seager, 51, were the two Wisconsinites killed in the Fort Hood massacre.

About 60 people attended a candle-light vigil for Seager last night at Bryant and Stratton College in Milwaukee, where he taught in program for medical assistants.

The school says it will re-name a lab in Seager's honor, and award two scholarships every year to those demonstrating Seager's qualities of caring and compassion.

Seager and Kreuger were both in the same Madison-based medical unit as the alleged shooter.

Nidal Hasan was charged in a military court Thursday with 13 counts of premeditated murder.

President Obama ordered a review to determine if the military missed possible warning signs of the tragedy, by not taking reported contacts between Hasan and a radical Muslim cleric more seriously.

Earlier this week, officials of two agencies were anonymously pointing fingers over who was to blame.

During his visit to Oshkosh Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he was appalled by news leaks about the investigation.

He said it would be a "career-ender" for anyone identified making those leaks. And in Gates' words, "Everybody ought to shut up."