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Venison drive to feed the hungry

The St. Croix County Land & Water Conservation Department, along with the University Extension Office, is planning its "Tenth Annual Venison Drive to Feed the Hungry" this fall.

Anyone who hunts may take their legally tagged deer to the following participating processors:

  • Glenwood City Lockers, 424 First Street, Glenwood City, WI 54013; 715-265-4833
  • Deer's Food Locker, Inc., 210 Main St. N., Deer Park, WI 54007; 715-269-5118

    The ground venison will be distributed to area food shelves and shelters with recipes, tips on handling and preparing, and nutritional value. The families are contacted through outreach efforts at WIC, Public Health, Department on Aging, shelters, and local food shelves.

    This year, like previous years, the department will again try to raise money to assist with processing costs and other protein items that are in need through community gift giving. Anyone interested in helping out may send checks payable to St. Croix County Land & Water Conservation Department, 1960 Eighth Avenue, Suite #141, Baldwin, WI.

    If you have any questions regarding the program please contact Martha Mabis at 684-3301, ext. 5 or Jonna Fedie at 684-2874, ext. 3.

    This program is supported, in part, by funds provided by the United Way of St. Croix County.

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