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654 Glover Rd

PLAN COMMISSION will meet November 2, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall.


1. Approve Minutes;

2. Acknowledgement of applications for action as regulated by SDO;

3. Review & recommend action on Walnut Hills storm water management;

4. Road acceptance - Cove Ridge;

5. 2 Lot CSM & comprehensive water drainage and soil erosion plan - Lihn Tran & Thu Nguyen, 616 Tower Rd.;

6. Exception to design standards for setback - Tony Nasvik/Cedar Woods, Lots 1 & 17 Autumn Blaze Trail;

7. Related Riverway Ordinance enforcement issues - Anthony Fiorillo, 334 N. Cove Rd.;

8. Public Hearing per Town Riverway Zoning Ordinance (LRWZO) - Robert & Susan Rolle, Gov lot 5 and the SE/SW ¼ and the SE/SW ¼ of Section 35;

a. to create planned cluster development (4 lots)for single family residential purposed (Ord. sec. 171-F.2, 171-I.2, conditional use permit required)

b. for new public road to serve clustered lots (Ord. sec. 171-F.9, 171-I.9, conditional use permit required); and

c. to locate parts of driveways to clustered lots in slope preservation zone (Ord. sec. 171-H.10, variance required);

9. Action on part or all of Rolle LRWZO application;

10. Building Permits/Utility Permits;

11. Review & recommend checklists for Riverway applications;

12. Review & recommend response to Wisconsin DNR - Town of Troy Riverway Ordinance;

13. County Cooperation Agreement Workgroup;

14. Committee Reports & correspondence;

15. Adjourn

Site Visit will be held Saturday, October 28, 2006. Meet at Town Hall at 8:30 a.m., and proceed to sites by appointment

Action may be taken on any agenda item.

Supervisors may attend for purpose of gathering information.

Sharon Provos, Clerk/ Treasurer