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654 Glover Rd

PLAN COMMISSION will meet April 5, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall.


1. Approve Minutes;

2. Acknowledgement of applications for action as regulated by SDO;

3. Final Plat - Tom & Renee Patnode, Troy Overlook; 225 CTH F;

4. Public Hearing/permit review in Riverway to add/replace retaining wall, revise stair plan, revise landscape plan and revise mitigation requirements - Lyn Opitz, 192 Cove Ct;

5. Public Hearing & permit review in Riverway: - Gary & Sandra Griswold, 318 N Cove Rd.;

a. Replace door & wall on north side of house with bay window.

b. Replace east side windows in garage portion with larger windows and flower boxes, add trellis under eave & above garage door.

c. Add window to entry and modify interior in entry & north bedroom.

6. Discuss and recommend sanctions for Riverway Ordinance violations - Anthony Fiorillo, 334 N. Cove Rd.;

7. Discuss and recommend sanctions for Riverway Ordinance violations - Joe Chesmer, 259 Cove Ln (Kent Bahner property);

8. Building Permits/Utility Permits;

9. Review & recommend checklists for Riverway applications;

10. Review & recommend response to Wisconsin DNR - Town of Troy Riverway Ordinance;

11. County Cooperation Agreement Workgroup;

12. Committee Reports & correspondence;

13. Adjourn

Site Visit will be held Saturday, March 31, 2007. Meet at Town Hall at 8:30 a.m., and proceed to sites by appointment.

Action may be taken on any agenda item.

Supervisors may attend for purpose of gathering information.

Sharon Provos, Clerk/Treasurer

3/22/07, 3/29/07