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Letter: I keep improving as your constable

I have been a Troy town constable for over six years. During that time I have assisted the Town Board in transitioning constables into a more professionally performing organization.

The road has been rough, with the Town Board attempting to eliminate the three elected positions. These attempts were defeated overwhelmingly by the town's citizens (some voting was unanimous).

Because of this voting I set about improving the services I provided to the citizens. I designed new uniforms and equipment and updated them. I talked to other constables in the state and the Wisconsin Department of Justice. I volunteered to serve on the town's Incorporation Committee and assist in drafting ordinances, both rejected by the Town Board.

I was forced to teach myself, and I have now trained two new constables. In April 2006, I graduated from the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Certification Course (13 weeks in Eau Claire) and the First Responder's Course in River Falls.

While I did gain considerable skills to perform my current duties, and provide added capabilities if desired, the Town Board rejected any further expansion of our duties.

I drafted a proposal (the same format used by state law enforcement) on how constables should act at a vehicle accident.

The Town Board refused my draft and I was specially informed not to provide any medical assistance to anyone.

I have relayed numerous requests and recommendations from citizens on how constables could better serve, such as community policing by patrolling and neighborhood watch areas. All have been rejected.

While I have written many citations, I always try to resolve the situation first with a warning. I enjoy the interaction with the citizens and they routinely stop me to talk. I am available 24/7.

I can be reached through the county dispatch or directly by 715-441-9934.

If I can't help you as a constable, I may be able to as a county supervisor. Feel free to talk to me any time.

I am running for re-election and would appreciate your vote.