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Letter: Troy problems require change

There are many reasons for a change in the Troy Town Board. I will only touch on three today.

The first is finances. At the March meeting Town Board members discovered that they had approximately $400,000 in excess income.

This far from an adequate budget process. They immediately started discussing how they were going to spend it. I believe it should be returned to the taxpayers.

Last fall they voted to give themselves another pay raise, but refused to give any other elected or committee/board members one, some of whom have never received one. Instead of increasing the hours of current government personnel and officers, they hired another person to write ordinances.

They are continuing to write these ordinances without discussing the issues with those who have to enforce them. Instead of increasing the hours of fully trained constables, they contract with the sheriff's department at four times the cost (with the citation dollars going to the county), hired a humane officer, and created park rangers.

The second is the giving away of the town's citizens, and their homes, to River Falls and Hudson. Why aren't we moving towards incorporating?

Supervisor Gloria Wahrenbrock is a land developer, and sits on the town's planning board. She may very well know some, or all, of the other developers of land in Troy, and ruling on their plans could be considered a critical conflict of interest.

The third is how the board treats people. While the board criticizes the River Falls City Council, it treats others in the Troy government and citizens the same way, refusing to discuss issues and forcing lawsuits.

I want to be everyone's voice on the Town Board. If it is important to you, it's important to me. Feel free to contact me at 715-441-9932.