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Letter: Life good in Troy

The last two years I have been honored to serve as Troy town chairperson. I am running again in 2007 and I ask for the support of Troy residents on April 3.

I am pleased to report that (1) property taxes have not gone up in the last two years; (2) the town has no debt; (3) we listen respectfully to all citizen concerns; and (4) we are working collaboratively with the county to control our own land-use issues.

I am disappointed, however, that the city of River Falls has arbitrarily established its own development plan for a large area that is now part of the four surrounding towns. Your Town Board and Plan Commission will be working on this and several other important issues during the next two years.

I am also asking for your support of Mel Hermansen (constable) and Gloria Wahrenbrock (town supervisor).

Mel is a long-time town resident who will commit himself to the task of maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for our families in our three town park areas.

Gloria has been town board supervisor for the last six years and has been instrumental in working with the town's Plan Commission.

I ask for your support. Your vote is important.