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Crandon shooting survivor gets care package from Will Ferrell

The lone survivor of the Crandon shooting massacre has gotten a care package from Will Ferrell.

The actor's writing partner, Adam McKay, read a newspaper story about Charlie Neitzel, 21, and how he used Ferrell's movie "Anchorman" to help recover from his wounds.

McKay told Neitzel online that he wrote and directed "Anchorman" - and he and Ferrell would send a package of goodies.

It arrived at his Pickerel home last week. It had Ferrell's and McKay's best-known films like "Talladega Nights," McKay's favorite comedies like "Office Space," autographed posters and best wishes from Ferrell himself.

Neitzel was at a homecoming party in Crandon last October when Tyler Peterson stormed the place, and killed six young people. Neitzel survived by faking his death.

He told the Appleton Post-Crescent in December he was bed-ridden, and was using movies like "Anchorman" as an alternate reality.

Today, Neitzel can walk without support, as his right leg regains its muscles. He'll have at least one more surgery to regain movement in one of his elbows.