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Appleton native Greta Van Susteren blasts Madison airport

Here's one reason conservatives call our state capital "The People's Republic of Madison."

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren wrote in her blog that the Dane County Regional Airport bans the so-called "fair and balanced channel" from its TV screens.

Van Susteren, an Appleton native, wrote that she was in Madison's airport recently when an employee told her "We can't watch Fox in this airport we are not allowed to, but we sneak it in an office - we can only have the other cables on the airport televisions, by direction of one of the members of the board of county supervisors."

But that's wrong, according to airport spokeswoman Sharyn Wisniewski. She says the policy is to show Fox rival CNN in its public seating areas, because it's standard at most airports.

Wisniewski says TVs in restaurants, retail areas, offices, and concession areas can have any channel they choose including Fox News.

She also said no supervisor ever banned Fox from the airport.