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Nature film to be filmed along Mississippi River

Another movie is being filmed in Wisconsin, but this one doesn't have stars like Johnny Depp.

Wildlife filmmaker Alastair MacEwen is capturing the annual hatching of mayflies in southwest Wisconsin.

This is the time when tens of millions of mayflies expose their larvae.

And MacEwen and his camera assistant Skip Hobbie are filming the activity for a National Geographic feature on their migration in the Upper Mississippi River.

The two men have spent the last week at the home of Emmy-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig in Chaseburg in Vernon County.

There, they've filmed mayfly larvae in tanks.

MacEwen say the bugs make the most bizarre faces he's ever seen.

Hobbie says they have tusks which play a big role in the ecosystem on the Mississippi River.

Up to 10 people are filming along the river from about Stoddard to Lansing, Iowa.

They must shoot at night, when the hatchings occur. It will be part of a 15-20 segment on the Upper Mississippi. It's tentatively called "Planet in Motion."