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Wisconsinites cutting back on driving

Wisconsinites are no different than others in reducing their driving.

You may have heard that Americans drove 12 billion miles less in June than in the previous year.

Now, the Federal Highway Administration says Wisconsinites cut their driving by almost 5 percent in June, about 257 million miles less.

The government says we've had eight straight months of declining vehicle traffic.

With gas hanging around $4 a gallon, it's no wonder.

Pam Moen of the Wisconsin Triple A says that by now, most people think twice about their discretionary driving, things like trips to the store.

In Metro Milwaukee, it's made more folks use the bus, whether they want to or not . Some say they'd rather drive but they can no longer afford it.

Waukesha's transit system carried 12,000 more riders to their jobs in Milwaukee in the first half of this year than it did a year ago.

Some folks have even gotten their old bicycles out of the basement.

One Milwaukee shop reports a 40 percent increase in old bike repairs and a 50 percent increase in commuting supplies for two-wheelers.