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No. 3 state Commerce official late on paying worker's comp fine

The No. 3 official in the Wisconsin Department of Commerce Department took a year to pay a $2,500 fine over a lack of worker's compensation coverage for his laundry business.

Zach Brandon of Madison was appointed to his commerce job in July. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said the Laundry 101 business was first fined about three years ago and Brandon and two others were personally assessed last September, but he didn't pay the fine until after the paper started looking into the matter.

Brandon, a Madison alderman, said the inquiry had nothing to do with it. He said the state apparently miscalculated what he owed and the timing of the settlement was a coincidence.

Brandon said his business accidentally let its coverage lapse for a year when it switched carriers.

Laundry 101 used to let people drink beer while washing their clothes. It has since been modified as a home laundry pick-up service.

The 35-year-old Brandon joined the state commerce agency in July, after former secretary Jack Fischer quit amid allegations of lavish expenses while on business trips.