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Delegates told Wisconsin may be pivotal state for McCain

If John McCain carries Wisconsin, he'll win the presidency in November.

That's what Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels told Wisconsin's 77 convention delegates Sunday in St. Paul.

Both major parties say Wisconsin is one of at least a dozen swing states which may determine the final winner.

Democrats carried the Badger State by just four-tenths-of-one-percent in 2004, and Republicans have not won in Wisconsin since 1984.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said McCain's economic policies would help the economy, and that McCain has the necessary executive experience.

Daniels and Fiorina were among the nominee's surrogates who kept the state's GOP delegates fired up, while the rest of McCain's camp was involved with helping victims of Hurricane Gustav.

Campaign manager Rick Davis told the Wisconsinites that phone banks have been set up to raise financial aid for the Gulf Coast. He said the country was lucky the storm dissipated a little before it hit the Louisiana coast Monday.