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Hunting outlook outstanding for Wisconsin's 2008 deer hunting season

All signs point to a healthy and abundant whitetail deer herd for the upcoming November gun-deer hunt, according to officials with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Even after a pretty tough winter in parts of the state and a harvest of more than 520,000 deer in the 2007-08 seasons, the deer herd is still a good deal larger than established population goals in much of Wisconsin officials say.

Wildlife biologists estimate that the herd numbers between 1.5 and 1.7 million animals going into the fall 2007-08 seasons.

Managing Wisconsin's deer herd is a long term commitment, according to Keith Warnke, DNR deer and bear ecologist.

With herd control and earn-a-buck season structures and strong hunter commitment to herd management through hunting, Warnke says, the state is making progress toward population goals.

Large antlerless deer harvests will always be needed, however, even with populations near goal, to stay at desired levels.

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