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Wisconsin will get $34 million for child vaccinations and child care for needy families

Wisconsin will get $34 million in federal stimulus funds to provide more child care to needy families and protect more kids from diseases.

The White House said yesterday that Wisconsin would get $3.9 million to expand child vaccinations.

Almost 84 percent of Wisconsin kids have their proper vaccines. That's higher than the national rate of 77 percent.

And Health Services spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis says the new money will help the state continue its effort.

Wausau House Democrat David Obey, who helped arrange the funding, said every $1 spent on child vaccine saves $16.50 a year in health care costs. Meanwhile, the $30 million for child will either go directly to needy parents or to centers to improve their care structure.

An official of the Wisconsin Shares program says the new money will help create a rating system for the state's 4,200 child care facilities with extra funding to the best ones.