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New York's new Catholic leader Tim Dolan addresses abortion at his installation

Former Milwaukee Archbishop Tim Dolan used the nation's biggest pulpit Wednesday to send a strong message against abortion.

Dolan, 59, was installed as the new Catholic leader in New York. During his 20-minute homily, Dolan got a standing ovation when he said the church must protect "the sanctity of human life from the tiny baby in the womb to the last moment of natural passing."

Dolan said "Everybody is a somebody in whom God has invested infinite love."

The elaborate ceremony drew thousands of parishioners and public officials to St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Dolan is now the nation's most visible Catholic leader, even though his diocese is the second-largest behind Los Angeles. He moved to the Big Apple after seven years as the archbishop for 10 counties in southeast Wisconsin.

At a news conference Wednesday, Dolan said he would fight a new bill in the New York Legislature to legalize gay marriage.