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Religious medical rights trial in third day in Wausau

Testimony is entering its third day in the Wausau trial of Leilani Neumann, who's accused of praying instead of getting help for her diabetic daughter.

Neumann, 41, has said she didn't realize 11-year-old Kara was diabetic.

But Marshfield Clinic specialist Ivan Sador said the girl would have gotten high blood-sugar levels two months before she died last March - the condition would have gotten acute three to- four days before her death - and serious trouble was evident in her final 24 hours.

Despite being in a coma, Sador said the girl could have been saved late in the day of her death. And the survival rate in such cases is 99.8 percent.

Earlier Tuesday, Neumann's former business partner Althea Wormgoor said she called 911 to help Kara after her mother refused to call.

Wormgoor said she, too, believed in the healing powers of prayer. But she disagreed with Leliani Neumann that only sinners actually get sick.