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Corn growers say they're not to blame for rising breakfast cereal costs

Wisconsin corn growers say they're not to blame for the rising cost of corn flakes.

A box of corn flakes costs a dime more than a year ago and Wisconsin corn growers want you to know it's not their fault.

The growers' association has boxes of corn flakes at June Dairy Month breakfasts with stickers saying a $3.45 box only contains 4 cents of corn.

The association's director, Bob Oleson, says consumers may think most profits from corn flakes end up with corn growers, but they don't.

He says manufacturers, packagers, grocery stores, and others get a share.

Oleson says dairy producers get more of a profit on the milk that's poured on the corn flakes -- about 30-40 percent.

For over a year, the corn industry has refuted claims that food prices rose because a greater share of corn went to ethanol.

Experts insist there's more than enough corn for everybody.

The corn growers' message will be delivered at dairy breakfasts this week in Dane and Marquette counties.