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Emerald ash borer discovered in Green Bay

Foresters in northeast Wisconsin will meet today to talk about the latest discovery of the tree-killing emerald ash borer.

An infected beetle was found in Green Bay on the east bank of the Fox River in one of the 7,000 traps set around the state earlier this summer.

A lab in Michigan confirmed the ash borer last Friday. The discovery was announced Tuesday.

Jennifer Statz of the state ag department said it's the first time the bug has been found in the middle of an urban area.

The other infestations were discovered last August at Newburg in Ozaukee and Washington counties, and last March at Victory in Vernon and Crawford.

Both infestations have spread since their initial discoveries.

Green Bay has about 8,000 ash trees on its city streets which are susceptible to the ash borer.

And officials say there are tens of thousands of ash trees in the city's forested areas.

Statz says the state will work with Green Bay area officials to determine the extent of the new infestation and then, they'll work on a response.

A quarantine of ash products is expected.

Statz says the federal government will decide how large of an area it will include.

It's expected to cover at least Brown County.