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Survey reports jobs will be few throughout holiday season

It probably won't get easier to find a job for the rest of the year, not even during the holiday shopping season.

Milwaukee's Manpower Inc., says 70 percent of Midwest companies do not expect to change their staffing levels from October-December.

Only 12 percent plan to add employees, and 14 percent expect more job cuts.

Similar trends are reported both nationally and in Metro Milwaukee.

And it all adds up to the weakest job outlook since Manpower began surveying employers almost a half-century ago.

Jonas Prising, the head of Manpower's American operation, says it's a good sign that companies want to hold onto their employees but from an economic point of view, he says the numbers are still very bad.

He says everything points to a sluggish and patchy recovery, at least in the final quarter of the year.

In the wholesale and retail trades, 18 percent of Midwest companies plan to add workers during the holidays.

And nationally, the retail hiring numbers are down from a year ago.

Prising says it indicates that stores are not expecting a "buoyant holiday season," at least for now.