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State agency gives $25,000 to child care provider allegedly overpaid in Wisconsin Shares program

State officials have been trying to get back $103,000 overpaid to a Milwaukee child care provider in the Wisconsin Shares program.

But the same agency gave Latasha Jackson another $25,000 check this week. According to the Journal Sentinel, the money was for child care Jackson provided in the week before her state license was revoked and it should not have been paid.

The license removal came after the paper learned that Jackson had received false reimbursements for over a decade and the state did nothing to stop it. Angela Russell of the Children and Families agency said this week's payment should not have been made.

But it happened because a new office computer system did not go online until this week, and the old system did not give the agency any red flags.

Russell also blamed Milwaukee County workers for part of the problem.

She said if they reported the original overpayment sooner, the new payment could have been stopped or at least part of it.

The Journal Sentinel has spent most of the year reporting abuses in Wisconsin Shares, the tax-funded child care program for the working poor.

A state audit revealed $19 million in questionable payments to child care providers. And a law enforcement task force was announced last week to help clean up the program.