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Childress promises to be candid in reporting Brett Favre's aches and pains

Minnesota Vikings' coach Brad Childress says he'll be candid in reporting Brett Favre's aches and pains, so he can avoid the type of fine the New York Jets got this week.

Former coach Eric Mangini and team officials were fined a total of $125,000 for not listing Favre, 39, on their weekly injury reports late last season, when he had a torn tendon on his throwing arm.

So far, the former Packers' quarterback has not appeared on the Vikings' injury reports.

But Childress said after practice Thursday that if he needs to list "every mucous membrane" on Favre's body, he'll do it to avoid a fine.

He said he told Favre he'd rather use the $25,000 penalty for college tuition for his kids.