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Bartender free of citations after drunken teacher kills herself and another motorist

Citations will not be issued against a bartender who served a West Bend school teacher for five hours, before she killed herself and another motorist in a crash last month.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said Rachael Olson was with at least six other teachers from her middle school, and none of them thought she was impaired or tried to stop her from driving afterward.

Washington County authorities said Olson had a blood alcohol level of .24, three times the legal limit, when her car crashed into an oncoming SUV Sept. 18 on Highway 144.

Olson and SUV passenger Bette Voeks were killed.

Sheriff Dale Schmitt said there's not enough evidence to cite the bartender.

It was not known if Olson had been drinking before or after she left the bar.

The Journal Sentinel quoted witnesses as saying she had about five or six beers at the tavern.

West Bend Supt. Pat Herdrich said the teachers who were with Olson are wounded emotionally and they're struggling with their own decisions from that night.

She brought in counselors to help staffers and students soon after the crash.