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Bucks' rookie Brandon Jennings gets starting job at point guard for the Friday's opener

Milwaukee Bucks' rookie Brandon Jennings says he's both excited and nervous after being named as the starting point guard for the regular season opener. Coach Scott Skiles said Tuesday Jennings, 20, will start Friday night against Philadelphia, and veteran Luke Ridnour would play with the second unit. Jennings, the Bucks' first round draft choice, called his starting assignment a "dream come true."

And he'll focus on running on the offense instead of shooting. Jennings made only 33 percent of his shots in the pre-season but also made some sharp passes and flashy steals.

Skiles said both Jennings and Ridnour played well in the pre-season, but Jennings needs time with the starters when Ridnour would be comfortable in both the first and second units.

Center Andrew Bogut said Jennings is probably not ready to dominate an NBA game, but he won't have to.

He said Jennings would do fine by keeping the ball moving, hitting open shots, and getting into the paint.

Jennings played a year in Europe, and he said he's used to an extremely physical style of play.