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Pack professes no defensive regrets

The Green Bay Packers say they have no regrets in the defensive play-calling on Pittsburgh's winning touchdown drive last Sunday. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers dropped eight men into coverage, leaving three to rush Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as he marched his team 84-yards to their final score. Capers said he could have used more man-to-man coverage - but it didn't work earlier in the game, and he didn't want to give up a long pass at that juncture. Roethlisberger racked up 503 passing yards, the most ever against the Packers - while Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a career-day himself with almost 400 passing yards. Both teams exploited weak defensive links, as the Packers went after corner Randall Gay - and the Steelers went after Jarrett Bush and Josh Bell. Packers' coach Mike McCarthy says it's too late to change personnel, and all he can do is make adjustments with the people he has. The Packers host Seattle on Sunday. The 9-and-5 Pack can wrap up a playoff spot with a win themselves, and losses by either the Giants or Dallas.