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Officials charge mother whose kids drank gasoline

A Dane County woman is charged with two counts of felony child neglect after her two-year-old daughter died from drinking gasoline and her four-year-old son got sick from it.

Sheriff's detectives were planning to arrest 35-year-old Connie Hartmann of Marshall on the charges Nov. 29 after a child-neglect warrant had been issues. Police arrested her just after midnight for a domestic incident at her home.

Online records do not indicate when she'll appear in court. Authorities said Hartmann's daughter was found unconscious in a car last May with her brother ill. He told a doctor that he and the girl locked themselves in the vehicle and drank gasoline.

The boy has been in foster care since the incident. Prosecutors quoted Hartmann as saying she would often pass out or need to take naps in the afternoons - and it forced the kids to be unattended for up to three hours at a time.

She also faces possible charges of disorderly conduct and battery for the domestic incident.