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MnDOT selects contractor for Hwy. 36 reconstruction project

The Minnesota Department of Transportation selected local contractor C.S. McCrossan to lead the reconstruction and realignment of Minnesota Hwy. 36, which is the first phase of the St. Croix Crossing project.

"We want to thank the cities, counties and all stakeholders who were instrumental in the success of the project development phase of the St. Croix Crossing. As we enter the implementation phase and look forward to construction beginning on Hwy. 36 in spring, we will continue to work together to bring the project to fruition," said Jon Chiglo, St. Croix Crossing Project Director.

Along with reconstructing and realigning Minnesota highways 36 and 95, the project includes:

  • Adding turn lanes on both intersections at Oakgreen and Greeley, as well as Osgood.
  • Realigning the intersection of Oakgreen and Greeley to improve access points.
  • Creating a shared center turn lane by converting the north and south frontage roads.
  • Adding a trail along the south frontage road to connect to the new loop trail.
  • Adding ponds to improve storm water treatment and water quality.
  • Creating access to Hwy. 95 by connecting the south frontage road to Stage Coach Trail.
  • Realigning the Beach Road bridge to include bike and pedestrian trails.
  • Constructing noise and retaining walls.
  • Adding traffic signals, lighting, signing and pavement markings.
  • Implementing an Intelligent Transportation System with cameras and traffic detection.
  • Relocating utilities.

    The Minnesota Hwy. 36 project will begin in early spring and conclude in fall of 2014.

    MnDOT and WisDOT will be hosting St. Croix Crossing open houses in early spring and scheduling other opportunities for residents and businesses to engage with project personnel. In addition, beginning in April, the St. Croix Crossing project offices, located at 1862 Greeley St. in Stillwater, will have extended office hours to answer residents' questions regarding the St. Croix Crossing.

    Along with the reconstruction of Minnesota Hwy. 36, the St. Croix Crossing project includes a four-lane river bridge, a roadway approach on the Wisconsin side of the river, historic and environmental mitigation, and extensive trail facilities, including converting the Stillwater lift bridge to a bike and pedestrian facility. These will be covered by separate contracts.

    For more information about the project, go to and the St. Croix Crossing Facebook page at

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