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Snow event declared in city of Hudson

A spin-out on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River slows westbound traffic on Interstate 94 to a crawl in Hudson at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

The city of Hudson has declared a snow event following Thursday morning's snowfall of about four inches.

That means parking isn't allowed on any city street until the street is plowed from curb to curb.

First-time violators of a snow event parking ban get a $25 ticket. The fine is $50 for the second offense. Upon a third offense, the vehicle is towed to the city impound lot at the owner's expenses (typically $150 to $200) and another $50 forfeiture is issued.

"This storm came very unexpectedly," Public Works and Parks Director Tom Zeuli said Thursday morning. He said the reports he heard predicted just an inch or so of snow.

"It dumped quite a bit of snow in just a couple of hours, and they say this is just round one," Zeuli said.

He said the heaviest snowfall began around 4:30 a.m.

The slick driving conditions slowed commuter traffic on Interstate 94 into the Twin Cities. A number of spin-outs on the Minnesota side of the St. Croix River brought westbound traffic to a crawl at times.

Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen said a rollover east of Hudson was the only crash he was aware of on the Wisconsin side of the river.

The snowfall interrupted the Public Works Department's efforts to get potholes in city streets filled.

Zeuli said two or three two-man crews had been working each day in the past few weeks to repair potholes with cold-mix asphalt.

The holes are now at least temporarily filled with snow and ice. The moisture also prevents asphalt from adhering firmly inside the potholes.