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Biggest Loser contestant, Lisa Rambo may not have won the money but...

The Village Inn in North Hudson served as the gathering spot for Lisa Rambo's friends and family members to watch the live finale of The Biggest Loser. The show is in it's 14 season.

During live finale of The Biggest Loser, Hudson area resident Lisa Rambo looked trim and confident as she walked out on stage. Rambo, who was a contestant this season, was eliminated at week six. She continued to work out after returning home.

When she stood on the scale one last time, during Monday night's final episode it revealed that she had lost a total of 108 pounds.

All of eliminated contestants returned and the one that had lost the greatest percentage of their original body weight was eligible to win $100,000.

Rambo lost that contest by a 2.23 percent. Her weight loss was 43.90 percent of her original weight, which was 246 pounds.

Gina McDonald lost 113 pounds or 46. 12 percent of her weight took home the $100,000. Her original weight was 245 pounds.

Rambo's husband Tony joined her efforts losing 70 pounds himself. All in all those who gathered to watch the finale agreed that Lisa and Tony were winners in many other ways.

Nearly 100 friends and family members gathered at the Village Inn in North Hudson to watch the final episode unfold. See this week's Hudson Star Observer for more details.