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Thieves take mail; police chief issues warning

Mail was stolen from a mailbox in the 1500 block of Laurel Avenue at about 8:15 a.m. Thursday, June 13, the Hudson Police Department reports.

The suspects in the incident are two younger males who were in an aqua-color coupe, last seen heading west on Laurel.

Anyone who might have information about the incident is encouraged to call the Hudson Police Department at (715) 386-4771.

Police Chief Marty Jensen is cautioning people not to use their personal mailboxes to send sensitive mail.

According to Jensen, some thieves drive around looking for red flags in the up position on mailboxes, signaling there is mail inside to be taken by the mail carrier.

The thieves are looking for personal information on bank accounts, Social Security numbers, birth dates and more.

Jensen said people should send their mail in a post office mailbox whenever possible.