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Hot election season ahead

As temperatures soar into the 90's and above the political season is also heating up. Tuesday night at 5 p.m. was the deadline for candidates to file for the upcoming primary and general elections in state and U.S. congressional races.

The state primary will be held on September 12 and the general election on November 7. The following a list of candidates who have met the deadline and the positions they are running for:

Governor: Jim Doyle, Democrat-Incumbent; Mark Green, Republican; Nelson Eisman, Wisconsn Green Party

Lt. Governor: Barbara Lawton, Democrat-Incumbent; Jean Hundertmark, Republican; Nick Voegeli, Republican; Leon Todd, Wisconsin Green

Attorney General: Peg Lautenschlager, Democrat-Incumbent; Kathleen Falk, Democrat; Paul Bucher, Republican; J.B. Van Hollen, Republican

Secretary of State: Doug La Follette, Democrat-Incumbent; Scot Ross, Democrat; Sandy Sullivan, Republican, Michael LaForest, Wisconsin Green

State Treasurer: Jack Voight, Republican-Incumbent; Dawn Marie Sass, Democrat,; Tim Peterson, Libertarian; Winston Sephus, Jr., Wisconsin Green

U.S. Senate: Herb Kohl, Democrat-Incumbent; Robert Lorge, Republican

Third Congressional District: Ron Kind, Democrat Incumbent; Chip De Nure, Democrat; Paul Nelson, Republican

State Senate District 31: Ron Brown, Republican-Incumbent; Kathleen Vinehout, Democrat; Chris Danou, Democrat

State Assembly District 28: Mark Pettis, Republican-Incumbent; Ann Hraychuck, Democrat

State Assembly District 29: Kerry Kittel, Democrat; Craig Mohn, Democrat; John Murtha, Republican; Rob Stafsholt, Republican; Issac Weix, Republican. Incumbent Andy Lamb has filed for non-candidacy.

State Assembly District 30: Kitty Rhoades, Republican-Incumbent; Dan Gorman, Democrat

State Assembly District 91: Barbara Gronemus, Democrat-Incumbent; Mark Totty, Democrat; Dave Anderson, Republican

State Assembly District 93: Rob Kreibich, Republican-Incumbent, Jeff Smith Democrat

St. Croix County Offices - only one contested race:

Sheriff: Dennis Hillstead, Republican-Incumbent; James Jackson, Democrat

Pierce County Offices:

Sheriff: Everett Muhlhausen, Republican-Incumbent; Nancy Ortwerth, Democrat; Tom Gunderson, Democrat

Treasurer: Tami R. Langer, Republican; Faye C. Owen, Republican; Gordon Borner, Republican

Pepin County Offices:

County Clerk: Marcia Bauer, Democrat-Incumbent; Susan Synder, Independent

Clerk of Courts: Audrey Lieffring, Republican; Tina Prissel, Democrat; Beth Tabor, Democrat. Incumbent Rosemary Carlisle is retiring.

Polk County Offices:

District Attorney: Karen Olson, Democrat-Incumbent; Dan Steffan, Democrat

Sheriff: Tim Moore, Democrat-Incumbent; Arling Olson, Democrat; Anthony Grimm, Republican; Edwin Collins, Independent

Treasurer: Amanda Nissen, Democrat-Incumbent; Carole Wondra, Democrat

County Clerk: Catherine Albrecht, Republican-Incumbent; Jack Barker, Democrat

Clerk of Circuit Courts: Lois Hoff, Republican-Incumbent; Diane Taxbahl, Democrat