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Search continues for missing Appleton mountaineer

Search crews said they got another break over the weekend in their efforts to find Appleton native Christine Boskoff and another mountain climber in China.

Last Friday, it was learned that a man from Chendu saw two people who looked like Boskoff and Charlie Fowler on a highway where the search was taking place.

Now, rescuers have just finished searching luggage the pair left with a driver after a four-hour ride from Litang, China, in early November.

The driver said Boskoff and Fowler were in good health when he left them. And if they could not get a ride back on the week of Thanksgiving, they would call the driver back.

That never happened. Boskoff's mother was the last direct contact the two had and that was an e-mail she sent in early November.

Concerns were raised when the two failed to fly Seattle Dec. 4, where Boskoff, 39, now runs a guide business. She's said to be the world's best female mountain climber.

When they vanished, she and Fowler were trying to scale a nearly 20,000 peak that was previously unclimbed.