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McCarthy plans more time with Packer rookies

Green Bay Packers' coach Mike McCarthy wants to spend at least a couple more days with just his rookies.

They had the stage all to themselves this past weekend at McCarthy's first rookie-only camp.

He said he gave them Part 1 of the Packers' offensive and defensive schemes. He'll introduce Part 2 when the whole team is required to be at Green Bay's first full-fledged mini-camp on May 18.

McCarthy wants the rookies back two days before the veterans, so they can get a head-start on the rest of the system.

Only four practices are planned at this year's mini-camp instead of the normal five.

That's because McCarthy plans to use one session to review their 8-8 record from last year, to show the Packers where they've been as they learn where they're going.

He says it's rare for coaches to do, but it's important.