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State Senate committee to vote on court system bills

A state Senate committee will vote today (Tuesday) on three bills aimed at cleaning up the court system.

One would increase public funding of Supreme Court elections to lessen the influence of the special interests who dominated this spring's court contest.

The second bill requires groups who sponsor so-called "issue ads" to say where they get their money.

And the third bill requires parties in court cases to be told how to check whether their judges may have a conflict of interest. That bill is response to what Justice-elect Annette Ziegler did as a Washington County Judge when she presided over cases involving a bank in which her husband is a board member.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and other watchdogs held a rally at the Capitol Monday to support the three bills.

They got 40 people to show up and as a coincidence a high school band from Ziegler's home town of West Bend was making its annual performance during the rally.