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Former UW-Whitewater dean still owes school $117,000

Former University of Wisconsin-Whitewater dean Howard Ross still owes the school $117,000, a year after he was demoted for questionable travel and spending. His lawyer calls the allegations bogus.

Bob Kasieta says he'll fight efforts to collect the money but if Ross keeps refusing to pay, school officials say they'll garnish his check.

Kasieta says the school is retaliating for a racial discrimination complaint that Ross -- who's black - filed against the campus.

The attorney also made the same claim concerning another black administrator who left. Ross headed the College of Letters and Sciences until last April, when an audit questioned his school credit card bills.

Ross was demoted to a professor's post, which he still holds.

In his racial complaint, he claims Whitewater has subjected him to greater scrutiny than other administrators who are white. And he said former chancellor Martha Saunders agreed to cover up the audit's findings if he agreed to quit.

The school says Ross is wrong on both counts. Saunders, meanwhile, left Whitewater last month to become the new president at Southern Mississippi.