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Neighbors say they'll continue suit agaist cranberry farmer

A politically-charged water pollution case against a Sawyer County cranberry grower is not done yet.

William Zawistowski's neighbors say they'll ask the State Supreme Court to punish the farmer for putting fertilizer and phosphorus into Musky Bay.

Last month a state appeals court threw out a nuisance lawsuit filed by former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager in 2004.

Her replacement, J.B. Van Hollen, said he'd let the matter drop.

But landowners near Zawistowski's farm say they'll ask the Supreme Court to declare it a public nuisance.

Lautenschlager framed it as a major water pollution problem.

But the ag industry calls it a landmark challenge to Wisconsin's Right to Farm Law, which keeps farmers from getting sued for nuisances as long as they use accepted practices.

The suit also became a lightning rod in the campaign for attorney general in 2006.

Conservatives accused Lautenschlager of picking on the little guy while ignoring bigger issues like crime in Milwaukee.