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Favre says he's happy he retired

Brett Favre not only gave his close Mississippi media friend the scoop on his return to the Packers in recent years.

He's also letting Al Jones of the Biloxi Sun-Herald write a book about his Hall of Fame career.

Some nuggets have already come out.

Favre admitted that he has thought about returning to Green Bay if the team asked him to return - perhaps if Aaron Rodgers gets injured.

The 38-year-old Favre said it would be hard to pass up, but he wouldn't do it if couldn't get in shape quickly and for now, he's happy with his decision to retire.

Favre also told Jones he never realized he had to file retirement papers with the NFL.

Until he does, the Packers cannot take him off their salary cap and that's led to speculation that Favre is either leaving the door open to return or he's so upset with the team that he won't let them have the salary cap space.

The Packers hardly need it anyway. They're well below the cap, and they've only signed one free agent in the last month.

There's been talk about Favre coming back with another team, but Green Bay owns his rights, regardless of when he might return and they'd have to release him for Favre to play somewhere else.