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Madison police wait on DNA results in investigation of coed's death

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray says his officers have arrested a couple dozen transients in the neighborhood where a University of Wisconsin student was murdered last week.

They're being held for panhandling, trespassing and having open alcohol on the street.

Some were wanted on warrants, and a few were taken in for violating probations.

Police want to find out if the DNA from those people is linked to the slaying of Brittany Zimmermann, 21. They're waiting for results from the State Crime Lab.

Zimmermann, a medical student from Marshfield, was found dead in her home last Wednesday afternoon just off Madison's downtown.

Just before that, police said a man illegally entered a house a couple blocks away and he was among those arrested.

Linda Ketcham of the Madison Area Urban Ministry says people are unfairly rushing to judgment by assuming a homeless person killed Zimmermann.

Chief Wray says transients have gotten more aggressive.

When police took panhandlers off the busy State Street some of the activity moved into neighborhoods like Zimmermann's.