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Board rules against GOP candidate who gave out 34-cent gas

It was illegal for a state Senate candidate in Green Bay to give 34-cents-a-gallon gas to drivers who filled up at a gas station on July 2.

Republican Chad Fredette said he was demonstrating how much the state's minimum mark-up law costs motorists.

But on a 6-0 vote Wednesday, the state Government Accountability Board said the move ran afoul of an anti-bribery law which says nothing of value can be given to people to encourage them to vote.

The board said it's up to Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski to decide whether to charge Fredette, who's running against Senate Democrat Dave Hansen.

The district attorney has not commented.

Fredette gave $131 to 34 drivers, to show them the cost of the law which requires gas stations to charge 9 percent above wholesale.

He said he checked with the Accountability Board beforehand and was told it was legal.

But board attorney Jonathan Becker told Fredette's campaign staff to check with the Brown County District Attorney, to see if the payments would violate the law.

Fredette himself said he never knew of Becker's action. Board director Kevin Kennedy said the DA did not seem interested in the case.