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State officials work on plan to stop emerald ash borer spread

Now that the emerald ash borer is in Wisconsin, state officials will come up with a new plan to stop the tree killer from spreading.

Mick Skwarok of the ag department says officials will need time to determine how much infestation there is and it could take months to create a new strategy.

The state was originally going to cut all ash trees within a half-mile of where the bug's found. But other states learned it doesn't work.

The metallic green ash borer has been rumored to be here for about four years, but the first one were confirmed last week near Newburg in Ozaukee County.

Now, about 35 workers will explore various areas to search for dying ash.

They'll also respond to the most credible spottings of the beetle and there have been many reported to a state hotline ever since the news of the infestation came out on Monday.

State workers are now collecting traps planted earlier this year to see if there are any more emerald ash borers.

Hundreds more ash will be cut statewide, as part of an ongoing effort to look for the beetle.

Also, state and federal officials are meeting to discuss a quarantine - in which ash products must be certified as safe before they can go elsewhere.

Ozaukee County will be tagged, and possibly Washington and other area counties. Wisconsin is the 10th state to be hit by the ash borer.