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Accused Marinette County shooter expected to plead insanity

Prosecutors expect Scott Johnson to plead insanity in the killings of three teens on the Wisconsin-Michigan border.

Johnson, 38, has not been charged yet for last Thursday's shooting spree because federal prosecutors in Michigan are still trying to decide whether to take the case.

Bryan Mort was killed on the Michigan side of the Menominee River near Niagara, while Tiffany Pohlson and Anthony Spigarelli were killed on the Wisconsin side.

All the shots were fired in Wisconsin. If the feds don't take the case, the Wisconsin Justice Department says it will help Marinette County District Attorney Brent DeBord handle it.

DeBord asked for the help because an assistant D.A. recently left. His office is also handling another murder case in Marinette in which a man allegedly shot his wife.

DeBord mentioned the possible insanity plea in a letter which asked the state for help. He did not say why he expected the plea.

It's not known if Johnson has an attorney yet.

His mother says Johnson has no money and will need a public defender.

Authorities said Johnson used an assault rifle in the slayings but they may never know how many shots were fired.

Pohlson and Spigarelli had their funerals Wednesday in the Upper Peninsula. Mort's funeral is set for Friday.