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Wisconsin now split even over Obama - McCain

An independent poll puts Barack Obama and John McCain in a statistical dead-heat in Wisconsin's presidential race.

The Atlanta firm of Strategic Vision gives the Democrat Obama a 46-43 percent lead over the Republican McCain.

The gap is the same as the poll's margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percent.

The firm surveyed 800 likely voters in the Badger State last weekend. Both candidates got favorable ratings of 52 percent.

Republican V-P nominee Sarah Palin had a 55 percent favorable rating in the new poll, to 52 percent for Democrat Joe Biden.

The Strategic Vision poll also gave McCain a slight edge on the questions of who would handle the economy and the Iraq war better.

The respondents also made it clear they were tired of President Bush.

Sixty-six percent disapproved of his job performance, and 65 percent didn't like the way he handles the economy.

Sixty-two percent disapproved of Bush's handling of the Iraq war, but 51 percent still approve of the president's actions in the overall war on terror.