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Dems want investigation over ads

State Democrats have asked prosecutors in 33 counties to investigate what they call false ads against a congressman and several state legislative candidates.

The Government Accountability Board was also asked to investigate under the little-used law which makes it a crime to lie to influence an election.

The Coalition for America's Families and the Wisconsin Institute for Leadership have advertised that Assembly Democrats Rep. Jeff Smith, D-Eau Claire and Rep. Jim Soletski, Green Bay, and Democratic hopefuls Trish O'Neil and Kristen Dexter all support free health care for illegal aliens.

The National Republican Campaign Committee had an ad accusing U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Wis., of Appleton of favoring free care for illegal immigrants and supporting "the largest tax increase in history."

Democratic attorney Mike Maistelman said Kagen's tax vote was only for a preliminary resolution and it can't take effect without another vote later.

Still, two district attorneys say they won't touch his complaints.

They referred them to the state attorney general's office, which claims they have seen them.

Another prosecutor referred the matter to a sheriff, who wouldn't investigate. The leadership institute says its ads were accurate.

The Republicans call the complaint a last-ditch act of desperation.

Maistleman tried but failed to get TV stations to pull the ads.