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Unknown Santa gives out gift cards to students of laid-off workers

The Christmas spirit is everywhere. Just ask youngsters in Kimberly.

An anonymous donor provided gift cards to students whose parents lost their jobs in September when the New Page paper mill closed.

High school junior Cody Schnese was shocked to get a $90 gift card for a local mall that was addressed to his father.

Rick Schnese, who worked 24 years at the mill, said it was unbelievable that somebody would do that. School officials coordinated the distribution.

Both public and parochial students in Kimberly received the gift cards through the mail.

About 600 people lost their jobs when New Page shut down the Kimberly mill. The company blamed the economy and illegally cheap imports.

The workers said it was wrong to close the plant because it was still making money - and they've demanded that New Page either reopen the plant or sell it to somebody who will.

The firm's CEO recently said they won't sell the plant, and they might reopen it if conditions improve.