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Doyle wants to bring back automatic gas tax increase

It was three years ago when Gov. Jim Doyle repealed the annual automatic increases in Wisconsin's gasoline tax.

Now, Doyle says he'd like to see the so-called "indexing" return to build up money for road projects in the midst of a $5.4 billion state budget deficit.

The gas tax used to go up every April, based on inflation.

But in 2005, conservatives called it taxation without representation, because nobody ever voted on those tax hikes.

And when Doyle signed the repeal, he said it was not appropriate to automatically raise taxes without elected officials having to stand up and be accountable.

Now, though, Doyle tells the Wisconsin State Journal the repeal was "unsustainable for transportation."

And he said indexing has served us well for a long period of time. Wisconsin's gas tax is 30.9 cents a gallon, plus two cents for environmental clean-ups.

It's the second-highest gas tax in the nation.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Juneau, says drivers have finally found some relief at the gas pump and now the Democrat Doyle wants to increase their burden.