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Doyle wants $40 billion in education spending back in Senate spending bill

Gov. Jim Doyle asked federal lawmakers on Monday to put back $40 billion in education spending cut from the Senate's spending bill.

The funding was pared late last week to win some Republican votes for the package.

President Obama said he hoped the final package would reverse at least some of those cuts.

Doyle was planning to submit his state budget proposal to the Legislature today (Tuesday) but he delayed it a week to see what Washington might give the Badger State.

Doyle's not the only governor doing that.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has delayed his budget submission until Feb. 20, hoping the two houses in Washington can agree on a stimulus package by then.

At least 40 states have deficits in their next budgets, and Obama says he wants the federal package to help them.

But not all governors say they're counting on Washington to bail them out.

California's Arnold Schwarzenegger says he'll look at other ways to fix his state's $42 billion shortfall, even though the spending plan would still give California up to $32 billion.

Schwarzenegger says he'll apply most of the federal money to neglected infrastructure.