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Relatives testify today in trail of mother accused of choosing prayer over medical help

Family members will testify today at the trial of a Wausau area woman accused of praying instead of getting help for her dying daughter.

Testimony was supposed to begin Saturday in Leilani Neumann's trial in Marathon County.

But soon after prosecutor Lamont Jacobson began his opening statement, the Neumann, 41, fainted at the defense table.

Paramedics checked her out, and placed her in a wheelchair after finding that her vital signs were normal.

The statements then resumed, but Circuit Judge Vincent Howard waited until this morning to have the state present its first witnesses.

Neumann's case has gotten national attention over the issues of religious freedom.

But Jacobson stuck to the medical facts in his opening statement, and said Madeline Kara Neumann, 11, could have recovered had she gotten proper care.

Defense attorney Gene Linehan said Leilani Neumann did not knowingly cause her daughter's death from diabetic complications.

Meanwhile, Judge Howard told the defense it could not call a Texas faith healer as an expert witness.

Neumann is charged with second-degree reckless homicide. Her trial is expected to last all week.