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Emerald ash borer spreading in southwest Wisconsin

State officials say the tree-killing emerald ash borer has not been found outside two large areas in southeast and southwest Wisconsin.

But the infestation found in March in Vernon County has spread to adjacent to Crawford County.

And the infected area now appears larger than one found last year at Newberg in Ozaukee and Washington counties.

The agriculture department placed 7,000 traps around the state this summer to look for new areas where the tree-killing beetle might be.

Program manager Jennifer Statz says they haven't found any problems in northern Wisconsin and they'll start removing and analyzing the traps in southern Wisconsin early next month.

The ash borer was discovered at Victory in Vernon County this spring and it was recently found six miles to the southeast.

The infected area at Newberg now appears to extend about for about three miles.

The emerald ash borer has killed millions of trees in the upper Midwest since it first appeared near Detroit in 2002.

In Milwaukee, officials have treated about 7,500 trees with a pesticide to try and keep them from being infected.