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Man accused of killing two high school sweethearts in 1980 waives preliminary hearing...

The man accused of killing two high school sweethearts in Jefferson County 29 years ago waived his right to a preliminary hearing Thursday.

Witnesses were ready to testify against Edward Edwards, 79.

But their testimony was not needed, after he conceded that there's enough evidence to put him on trial for two counts of first-degree murder.

In a revised criminal complaint, Edwards admitted having sex with 19-year-old Kelly Drew in August of 1980 outside a wedding reception in Sullivan.

But he claimed he watched other men beat and stomped Drew and her boyfriend Tim Hack, 19, to death.

Prosecutors don't buy that, however.

The next step is a plea hearing, but it has not been scheduled.

The 400-pound Edwards is being held under guard at a facility where he can get 24-hour nursing care for his congestive heart disorder, diabetes and other health problems.

No one would say where he's being held, but it's not at the Jefferson County Jail.