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Family premiums for company health insurance top $13,000 this year

For those of us who get family health insurance at work, our bosses paid an average of $9,800 for it this year, while we paid $3,500 from our own pockets.

That's according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, which said the total premiums surpassed $13,000 for the first time.

That's up a whopping 131 percent since 1999.

Coverage for singles has more than doubled, too.

The average premium is $4,800 this year.

In Metro Milwaukee, a different survey showed that prices are even higher.

H.C. Trends said the average family health premium was $14,000 to $15,000 this year and the average for singles was $5,000 to $5,200.

Employers in the Milwaukee region said their health payments rose 5 to 7 percent this year, as they kept giving workers higher co-pays.

An analyst for Towers Perrin expects an 8 to 10 percent jump in health premiums for next year.

Maulik Joshi of the American Hospital Association said the numbers highlight the need for national health reform and care that's more affordable and accessible to all.